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Our Projects

What do we work on?

We specialize in both frontend, backend, and fullstack development. Some of our most common projects include Discord bot development, website & web app development, API development, library development, and game plugin development.

We work with the following frameworks and libraries:

We also work with the following programming languages:


The Ponjo API is an easy-to-use REST API for developers, serving all your developer utility needs. Countless endpoints, fast response times, and JSON responses. Integrating utility services into your application has never been easier. Some endpoints include:

If you're interested in the Ponjo API and would like to view its documentation, click here.


RoboEerie is Eerie (Ben Petrillo)'s personal Discord utility bot, written in TypeScript. It serves a variety of purposes, including moderation, entertainment, providing information/statistics, and more. Some features include:

If you're interested, you can view the bot's source code.


LGBTQfy is an LGBTQ flaired avatar generator. Easily add LGBTQ flairs to your profile picture to express pride in your identity. LGBTQfy also has some API endpoints for developers, to allow them to integrate the avatar generator within their own services and applications. If you'd like to view LGBTQfy, click here.

Elixir Music

Elixir is an advanced Discord music bot for your server.

You can view Elixir's documetation or invite the bot.


Seamlessly style your frontend projects with this clean & minimalistic CSS library. With a clean materialistic approach, your frontend projects will become pleasant to view and easy to navigate. The library is currently in development. If you'd like to view its source code, click here.


SCP-062 is a Discord bot for the SCP Foundation, an organization securing, containing, and protecting supernatural anomalies from the outside world. Its CPU power permits access to classified foundation data, so be warned! If you'd like to invite the bot, do so if you dare.

The Helios Network

Helios Practice was a public Minecraft practice PVP server for the Bedrock Edition variant of the game. The network reached a total of more than 9400 registered players and a peak of 32 concurrently online players. Due to a lack of developer motivation and interest in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition community itself, as well as the notorious reason of financing, Helios Practice closed official on February 1st, 2021, marking the end of the server's 8-month period, being officially released on June 14th, 2020.

Our Mission

A group of developers dedicated to the greater community.

We are a group of committed developers and hardworking organizers with the goal to develop customized programs and software for our clients. We are committed to our work, and we dedicate ourselves to create work that benefits the public. The Ponjo Development Team was initially founded as a side hobby, but it has become much more than that since then. We're dedicated to serving the community and providing numerous open-source projects for educational purposes: we want to inspire existing developers and help them learn more about the development workspace.

Being a member of a development team is much more than simply coding. It's about collaborating with fellow developers, about planning & testing projects and applications, about analyzing existing work. No one person has all the necessary skills to complete a project: it's about working together.


I'm so happy you're interested in learning more about us. I truly hope you learn more about the world of development from checking out our work, and I hope you become inspired to make your ideas a reality in the development workspace. Remember ─ the sky's the limit.

─ Ben Petrillo, Founder & Lead Developer